Why work with Autismine?

Autismine exists to help children and young people with autism, and their families, to navigate through everyday social situations, as well as bigger life events.

We are very understanding of even the most challenging behaviours that can arise as a result of a young person having autism. Inappropriate language, verbal or physical outbursts, even public masturbation … we’ve seen it all; we’re unfazed and always sympathetic. As education and child-development professionals we also have well-founded conviction in the effectiveness of routines, cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, patience and understanding in helping to nurture the confidence of young people with autism.

Six more great reasons to work with Autismine:

• We use analyses of our work to inform research, influence social policy and commissioning, so we may make a wider positive impact on the lives of people who have autism

• We’re a not-for-profit social enterprise and do everything we can to make our services affordable and accessible

• We find out, in depth, about the special interests and particular concerns of each young person we help, in order to create a Bespoke Illustrated Life/Social Sequence (BILS) that matches their needs

• We use talented local artists and illustrators to give them work and exposure

• We turn our services around quickly and can offer various media – from manga cartoon strips to 3D printed figures – to enhance a young person’s engagement with their BILS

• Our experience and contacts in our field of expertise mean we can offer additional support on autism, signposting you to other useful initiatives and services.

It goes without saying that the work we do for you is confidential.

Email: info@autismine.com to start a conversation with Autismine today.