"The Greatest Gift that you can give to others,
is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance."

Welcome to Autismine

For people who have autism, it can be difficult to read social situations. You can’t always tell what is expected of you, or what constitutes an appropriate response. Every social interaction has the potential to be confusing or upsetting. What’s more, the world is constantly changing. It’s hard to keep up with new expectations, new systems, new pressures. Families may feel this even more keenly when they have a child with autism.

Autismine develops interventions and coping strategies for children and young people who have autism. We harness technology and cognitive behavioural therapy to find ways to help them prepare for and navigate through everyday situations, as well as bigger events such as bereavement, family divorce or sibling rivalry. We can also help reduce the frustrations and misunderstandings that lead to challenging or socially inappropriate behaviour.

We work with talented artists and illustrators to create Bespoke Illustrated Life/Social Sequences for young people with autism. A BILS outlines, using attractive graphics and clear text, what to expect at each stage in a given situation. Each BILS is tailored for an individual, utilising their special interest or a character/topic which means a lot to them.

We might use manga comic strips, short animations or 3D printed figures: it’s whatever feels right to the individual. Learn more about BILS.

Our work is valued by the young people and families we help – and also has a wider positive impact. We’ve made Autismine a social enterprise with research at its core so we can continue exploring ways to support and nurture confidence in children and young people who have autism.

Email: info@autismine.com to start a conversation with Autismine today.