Who we are

Autismine consists of professionals in the field of education and child development.

Founder Kit Showande (M.Ed in Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties) is an award-winning mentor who has strong partnerships with GPs, educational psychologists, speech & language therapists, parents and health professionals. Kit’s work has enabled him to develop a deep understanding of good practice of working with young people who have autism – and a desire to learn more.

Through teaching students with autism, Kit became aware of the effectiveness of pictures and clear, simple instructions as an intervention tool – both for wellbeing and behaviour management. He wanted to explore this further, playing to the strengths of the young people and helping them to overcome social and emotional barriers.

Kit established Autismine as a social enterprise in order to create Bespoke Illustrated Life/Social Sequences (BILS) for young people at a very affordable price. He has placed research at the core of the organisation, so Autismine’s work can be used to inform and influence further studies and have a wider positive impact.

There is another strand to Autismine as a social enterprise. Kit and his team now work with local artists and illustrators to develop BILS for the young people they help. This gives a valuable platform to up-and-coming talent.

Lead illustrator Luke is a working artist who has exhibited his artwork across the Midlands. He has also developed his skills in digital illustrations which has added quality and efficiency to the range of interventions we offer.

Want to join us? We are always happy to welcome people who have autism, or those who have experience in the condition, to help us develop illustrations and multimedia solutions for helping others. We think it’s very valuable to get insight and share the talents of people who understand the realities of living with autism.

Email: info@autismine.com to start a conversation with Autismine today.