How to order your BISS

1) Consult
We talk with you about the child or young person in your care (with them too, if this is what you both wish), discussing the social need that needs to be addressed and, if relevant, taking notes on their special interest. This should be an honest and open conversation so we can get a detailed understanding of the young person’s needs (and it goes without saying that we treat everything you tell us with sensitivity and confidence).

2) Plan
In partnership with you, we plan the look, feel, tone and delivery method of the BILS.

3) Assess
We talk to you about whether additional support tools or systems might be of benefit to the child or young person in your care. These might be pocket-size prints of the BILS, a follow-on illustration, or something else to jog the memory. We now have access to 3D printing in order to create little figures or something else that is bespoke and tangible.

4) Create
We create your BILS in two working days and deliver it in a digital form, on paper or card or online.

5) Review
Once you have received the BILS and it is being used by the young person, we offer one edit or adjustment (within 28 days) to ensure it has the most positive outcome possible.

6) Support
With your consent and support, we may talk to you in the months that follow in order to measure the effectiveness of the BILS. Collecting anecdotes and data about positive outcomes helps us develop our services and our understanding.

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